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The Minute You Wake Up Dead

In THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD, stockbroker Russ Potter (Cole Hauser), who's returned to his small Southern town after a big city education, isn't very popular. After he convinced many of the locals to invest in a potential merger, the deal didn't through, and everyone has lost money. Russ even receives threatening phone calls, asking "where will you be the minute you wake up dead?" Only Delaine (Jaimie Alexander), a server in the corner cafe, sticks by him, and soon they begin to form a tender relationship. Unfortunately, Delaine's father (Andrew Stevens) is unexpectedly murdered. They go to Sheriff Thurmond Fowler (Morgan Freeman) and decide that perhaps Russ was the actual target, and that the murder was a mistake. But then there are more killings, and the mystery deepens.

The Minute You Wake up Dead

But when the killings do start, everything gets really screwy. Characters willy-nilly confess their transgressions to whoever happens to be listening, and no one seems to have any plan. (Everyone is after a large insurance check, and, presumably, the last person left alive gets to keep it? Without being arrested?) Characters just happen to show up exactly where their victim also happens to be and simply go homicidal. The only intelligent moment in the entire movie is the final one, a supposed irony that shows all the characters getting just what they deserve. Truthfully, if you were to witness just one minute of The Minute You Wake Up Dead, you'd know that you were surely in the wrong place.

Doubts over whether or not director Michael Mailer has ever tried to wake up after dying overshadow much of this Morgan Freeman piece. The Minute You Wake Up Dead, as oxymoronic and stupid a title as it may be, is another bit of dreck from the action-thriller department that brought audiences 7Seconds starring Wesley Snipes and Blessed starring Heather Graham. If neither ring a bell, then do not be alarmed. The Minute You Wake Up Dead will ring no bell and once it slumps away into the shadowy distance, no bell will toll its demise as a frontrunner for awful Cole Hauser projects. That is all The Minute You Wake Up Dead is. This piece being remembered by one soul as an awful piece of the crime thriller genre would be an achievement.

Thesetting is a small town somewhere in the South, where stock expert Russ (ColeHauser) has just lost a lot of people a lot of money by recommending a badinvestment. Even the local Sheriff, named Fowler (Morgan Freeman), isn't toohappy with the guy, since the lawman's brother lost his retirement fund in thedeal, and that becomes a problem for Russ when he starts receiving anonymous,threatening phone calls (The script goes out of its way to make a catch-phraseout of the running threat: "Where will you be the minute you wake updead?").

Turning on The Minute You Wake Up Dead is a mistake one realizes the minute one does so. So where will you be the minute you wake up dead? Hopefully not still looking at the screen while this plays. If anything, waking up would be a curse.

"Don't trust a soul."After shady stockbroker Jason begins dating shy waitress Delaine in a small town, they become embroiled in an insurance fraud. It leads to several murders when a large number of other people want to join the plot. Sheriff Thurmond Fowler, who has been a man of the law for over 40 years, tries to unravel the mystery behind the dead. He ends up getting more than he bargained for.

The Minute You Wake Up Dead opens with that biblical quote on screen and then transitions into a monologue delivered by Freeman about morality and what brings people to the edge to make the choices they do. A phenomenal setup, no, but it is a passable one and the movie starts off OK enough. After the 15 minute mark, all good will is wrung out and the remaining 75 minutes end up being rather laborious for a multitude of reasons. 041b061a72


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