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Snake on Nokia 3310: A Retro Gaming Experience

Snake Nokia: The Iconic Phone That Never Dies

Do you remember the days when you could leave the house without a charger, play the legendary Snake game for hours, and drop your phone without breaking it? If you do, then you probably owned a Snake Nokia, the iconic phone that never dies. In this article, we will explore what is Snake Nokia, why it is still popular, and how to get one in 2023.

What is Snake Nokia?

Snake Nokia is a term that refers to a series of Nokia phones that featured the classic Snake game. The most famous model is the Nokia 3310, which was released in 2000 and sold over 126 million units worldwide. The Nokia 3310 was known for its durability, long battery life, and simple design. It also had other features such as SMS, MMS, email, FM radio, and a 0.8 megapixel camera. However, the main attraction was the addictive Snake game, which involved moving a snake around the screen and eating dots without hitting the walls or itself.

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The history of Snake Nokia

The first version of Snake was developed in 1976 by Peter Trefonas for an arcade machine. It was later ported to various platforms such as DOS, Apple II, Commodore 64, and Atari. In 1997, Nokia licensed the game from Taneli Armanto, a Finnish engineer who created a version for mobile phones. Nokia included Snake in its first GSM phone, the Nokia 6110. Since then, Snake has been pre-installed in many Nokia models, such as the 3210, 5110, 8210, and 8850. In 2017, Nokia relaunched the 3310 with an updated version of Snake that had color graphics and new levels.

The features of Snake Nokia

The design and durability

One of the most distinctive features of Snake Nokia is its design. The phone has a rounded form with a polycarbonate shell that comes in various colors. It has a numeric keypad with big buttons and a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The phone is also very durable and can withstand drops, scratches, and water splashes. Many users have filmed themselves testing the phone's toughness by throwing it from heights, smashing it with hammers, or running it over with cars.

The battery life and connectivity

Another feature that makes Snake Nokia stand out is its battery life. The phone has a removable Li-Ion battery that can last up to 22 hours of talk time or up to 31 days of standby time. This means that you can use the phone for weeks without charging it. The phone also has basic connectivity options such as Bluetooth, micro-USB port, dual SIM card slot, and wireless FM radio. However, it does not support Wi-Fi or mobile data, so you cannot access the internet or use apps that require online connection.

The games and apps

The main feature that attracts many users to Snake Nokia is the games and apps. The phone has several pre-installed games such as Snake Xenzia, Nitro Racing, Doodle Jump, and Asphalt 6. You can also download more games from the Opera Mobile Store or use an emulator to play retro games from other platforms. The phone also has some basic apps such as calculator, calendar, alarm clock, voice recorder, and flashlight. However, you cannot install popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube on this phone.

Why is Snake Nokia still popular?

The nostalgia factor

One of the reasons why Snake Nokia is still popular is the nostalgia factor. One of the reasons why Snake Nokia is still popular is the nostalgia factor. Many people who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s have fond memories of playing Snake on their Nokia phones. They associate the game with simpler times, when phones were not overloaded with features and apps, and when social media and online distractions were not prevalent. Some people also collect Snake Nokia phones as a hobby or as a way of preserving a piece of history.

The simplicity and reliability

Another reason why Snake Nokia is still popular is the simplicity and reliability. Many people prefer to use a phone that does not have complicated functions or settings, and that does not require constant updates or maintenance. They also appreciate the fact that Snake Nokia phones are very reliable and can work in any condition, even without electricity or network coverage. Some people use Snake Nokia phones as backup phones or emergency phones, in case their smartphones break down or run out of battery.

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The affordability and availability

A third reason why Snake Nokia is still popular is the affordability and availability. Snake Nokia phones are very cheap and easy to find, compared to other phones. You can buy a new Snake Nokia phone for less than $50, or a used one for less than $10. You can also find them in many places, such as online stores, local shops, flea markets, or garage sales. Some people buy multiple Snake Nokia phones and swap them with different colors or accessories.

How to get a Snake Nokia in 2023?

The official Nokia store

One of the ways to get a Snake Nokia in 2023 is to buy it from the official Nokia store. You can visit the website of Nokia and browse through the different models of Snake Nokia phones, such as the 3310, the 8110, the 105, or the 150. You can also compare the specifications, prices, and reviews of each model. You can then order the phone online and have it delivered to your address. You can also check if there is a physical Nokia store near you and buy the phone in person.

The online retailers and marketplaces

Another way to get a Snake Nokia in 2023 is to buy it from online retailers and marketplaces. You can search for Snake Nokia phones on popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or Walmart. You can also filter the results by price, condition, rating, or seller. You can then choose the phone that suits your preferences and budget. You can also read the feedback and comments from other buyers to ensure that you are getting a good deal. You can then pay for the phone online and have it shipped to your address.

The second-hand and refurbished options

A third way to get a Snake Nokia in 2023 is to buy it from second-hand and refurbished options. You can look for Snake Nokia phones on websites that specialize in selling used or repaired phones, such as Swappa, Gazelle, or Decluttr. You can also check out local classified ads, such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp. You can also ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they have any old Snake Nokia phones that they are willing to sell or give away. You can then inspect the phone before buying it and negotiate the price with the seller.


Snake Nokia is more than just a phone; it is a cultural phenomenon that has transcended time and technology. It is a phone that offers nostalgia, simplicity, reliability, affordability, and availability to millions of users around the world. It is also a phone that features one of the most iconic games ever created: Snake. If you want to experience the charm and fun of Snake Nokia in 2023, you can follow the tips above and get yourself one today.


  • What is the highest score possible in Snake?

The highest score possible in Snake depends on the version of the game and the size of the screen. However, some sources claim that the theoretical maximum score is 1008 on a standard 84 x 48 pixel screen.

  • How many versions of Snake are there?

There are many versions of Snake that have been developed for different platforms and devices over the years. Some of the most notable ones are Snake II, Snakes, Snakes Subsonic, Snakes 3D, Snake Xenzia, and Snake Rewind.

  • What are some tips and tricks to play Snake better?

Some tips and tricks to play Snake better are: avoid hitting the walls or yourself; use the corners and edges of the screen to Some tips and tricks to play Snake better are: avoid hitting the walls or yourself; use the corners and edges of the screen to make sharp turns; anticipate the movement of the snake and plan ahead; speed up or slow down the snake by pressing the keys faster or slower; and practice regularly to improve your skills and reflexes.

  • What are some alternatives to Snake Nokia in 2023?

Some alternatives to Snake Nokia in 2023 are: other feature phones that have similar functions and games, such as the Alcatel 3088, the Zanco Tiny T1, or the CAT B35; smartphones that have Snake-like apps or emulators, such as the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, or the Google Pixel; or online websites that offer Snake games for free, such as Google, Coolmath Games, or Crazy Games.

  • What are some benefits of using Snake Nokia in 2023?

Some benefits of using Snake Nokia in 2023 are: saving money on phone bills, as you do not need to pay for


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