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Los Felinos Discografia Mediafire

Los Felinos Discografia Mediafire

Los Felinos are a Mexican musical group that specializes in cumbia, norteño, and ranchera genres. They have been active since the 1970s and have released more than 20 albums. Some of their most popular songs include "Morena de 15 Años", "Jambalaya", and "Cosas del Amor".

los felinos discografia mediafire

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If you are a fan of Los Felinos and want to download their discography, you might be interested in the following links that offer their albums in mediafire, a file hosting service that allows users to upload and share files. However, be aware that these links may not be legal or authorized by the artists or their labels, and may contain viruses or malware. Download at your own risk.

  • : This link claims to offer the complete discography of Los Felinos in mediafire, but it is actually a SoundCloud stream that plays some of their songs. You can listen to them online, but you cannot download them.

  • : This link is a PDF document that contains some information about Los Felinos and their members, as well as a list of their albums with mediafire links. However, the links are broken or expired, and the document is poorly formatted and written.

  • : This link is not a mediafire link, but it is a reliable source that provides the official discography of Los Felinos, with information about each album, such as release date, genre, label, and track list. You can also listen to samples of their songs and read reviews from critics and fans.

In conclusion, if you want to download the discography of Los Felinos, you might have a hard time finding it on mediafire. You might be better off buying their albums from authorized platforms or streaming them from legal sources. This way, you can support the artists and enjoy their music without risking your computer or breaking the law.


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