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Should I Buy Ps4 Or Xbox One S

And then there's the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, supercharged versions of their respective base consoles that have upgraded capabilities, including 4K HDR playback. Though sadly, these superpowered consoles aren't much cheaper than their next-gen counterparts. You might also want to game on the go: Nintendo's Switch and Switch Lite are both extraordinarily popular and should not be overlooked.

should i buy ps4 or xbox one s

The PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S are the latest and most powerful consoles. But while the PS4 and Xbox One are now officially considered last-generation consoles, this does not mean they should be dismissed outright. Both still pack a punch, even in today's digital climate.

Microsoft, even further from just improving on the Xbox 360 controller for the Xbox One controller, released the Xbox Elite Wireless controller back in 2015. This gamepad, directed towards pro gamers, includes four back pedals, two settings for the left and right shoulder buttons, swappable analog sticks and a new and improved D-pad. These features come at a premium though, costing $149 or 119.

However, there are other factors at play one should consider before buying into a new system. At the top of that list is a significant question: where do most of your friends play? While limited cross-platform multiplayer options are rolling out, you don't want to be split up from your friends when playing the top titles on either platform.

When it comes to future-proofing in the face of the next-generation consoles, it's certainly worth noting that the base-level PS4 doesn't offer any of the 4K capabilities of its Xbox One S counterpart and Microsoft's commitment to cross-generation support through its Smart Delivery system means that your Xbox One is likely to stay relevant for longer. Though it should also be noted that Sony is offering backward compatibility in the PS5 and upgrades to new-gen versions of games.

Since the Xbox One is an aging console, eventually it won't receive new games anymore. We've already mentioned above that Microsoft has ceased production of Xbox One consoles, meaning that the system won't be around for much longer. But how long should you expect the Xbox One to receive support?

If you're considering an Xbox One, you should understand Microsoft's philosophy on its current consoles. Backward compatibility is a big factor: the Xbox One can play many Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, while the Series XS can play all those older Xbox games, plus most Xbox One titles.

While it can be difficult to find the Xbox Series X or Series S, that shouldn't tempt you into buying an older console. Wait until the new consoles are readily available, and your money will be much better spent.

To be explicit: unlike the Xbox One, the Xbox One S supports HDR visuals for games (should developers choose to take advantage of it), has full 4K support for Blu-ray and all compatible media playback, and can upscale games to 4K output. That said, you won't see improvements in game performance, so don't expect all those 30 FPS games to suddenly run at 60 FPS.

That isn't hyperbole: Elden Ring on the base Microsoft machine is a profoundly unsatisfying experience - the version with the heaviest compromises in both playability and visuals. We saw it during the network beta of course, so maybe we shouldn't be too surprised. Again, developer From Software uses several tricks to try squeeze base Xbox into a playable state, at a reduced 900p resolution and 30fps frame-rate. Just emerging to Limgrave, a low setting is used for environmental shadows. Grass density also uses the engine's very lowest setting (seemingly lower than low on PC) and ultimately it makes Limgrave look barren, lacking any depth. Worse still, visual features such as ambient occlusion and shadows are significantly dialled back on the base console - leaving scenes with a low-cast sun with an unusually sparse appearance.

And likewise, respawning to the Stormgate entrance area gives a similar order - and thankfully all the results are faster in this case. PS4 Pro leads with a 17 second result, One X at 18 seconds, PS4 at 19 seconds and base Xbox One at 20 seconds. Overall, the turnout isn't exactly snappy on any last-gen console and faster would be better, especially to get back to a boss for another attempt. However, if you're familiar with the downtime in Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne, you'll be familiar with the length of wait here. It should be noted that these results are on stock drives - upgrading to SSD should cut those times down significantly.

On a technical level, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X deliver the "best way to play" current-generation video games on consoles. If you're in the market for either one this holiday: you should probably consider their lower cost alternatives instead.

If you're someone who has somehow not yet purchased any kind of generation 9 console, then the above may not apply to you, as you owe it to yourself to experience what's been an amazing generation of games at their very best. But if you already own a PS4 and are intrigued by the value of Xbox Game Pass (and you should be), Xbox One S at $199 with a game packed-in is a no-brainer. If you're an Xbox One owner who is jealous of seeing all of those Spider-Man selfies we were bombarded with on social media in September (and you should be), again - a PS4 Slim at$199 with Spidey packed-in is obviously a "go."

The PS4's DualShock 4 has several advantages over the Xbox One controller. Unlike the Xbox One controller which only features Bluetooth in its newer models, all PS4 controllers come equipped with this feature. This means there is absolutely no need for additional hardware material for the controller to connect to a PC. Plus, the DualShock 4 is a rechargeable controller by default and can easily be charged up via a Micro USB cable. Featuring a built-in trackpad, the controller can be used as a makeshift mouse should a physical one not be accessible. Unfortunately, the PS4 controller does suffer with connecting to most Windows PCs as there are no official Sony drivers available. Users will need to install third-party software in order to get the controller to function properly. Since most PC games incorporate Xbox controller layouts by default, it's not uncommon for button prompts to conflict with the DualShock 4's button layout.

The Xbox Wireless Controller maintains the overall layout found in the Xbox 360's controller, but with various refinements to its form. Among its changes include a smoother form, textured analog sticks, a four-way directional pad, and redesigned triggers and shoulder buttons with a curved shape for ergonomics.[114][115][116][117] "Menu" and "View" buttons have replaced the Start and Back buttons.[118] Each trigger features independent rumble motors called "Impulse Triggers", which allows developers to program directional vibration. One trigger can be made to vibrate when firing a gun, or both can work together to create feedback that indicates the direction of an incoming hit.[119] The controller also contains light emitters that allow it to be tracked and paired using the Kinect sensor, and to detect when it's not being held to automatically enter a low-power state.[115] An updated revision of the controller was released in June 2015, which includes a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and other minor changes.[120][121] A third revision was introduced alongside and first bundled with Xbox One S, with textured grips and Bluetooth support.[107][122]

Upon its release, the Xbox One received favorable reviews from critics and reviewers. In its launch review, Polygon gave the Xbox One an 8/10. Its design was described as "inoffensive" but its larger size noted, while the console's quieter and cooler operation was praised for indicating a potentially higher reliability than Xbox 360 was on-launch. The controller was praised for its battery life and "premium" design, but some members of the site's staff felt that its shoulder buttons were stiffer than that of previous designs. The design of Xbox One's interface received mixed reviews: noting that it carried over Windows 8's design language, the interface was disfavored for hiding functions under the controller's menu button and for being awkward to use with a controller or motion gestures, seemingly encouraging users to use voice navigation instead. While praised for having more "robust" voice navigation than Xbox 360, they felt that voice navigation still had a "learning curve in understanding what works and what doesn't." Although its user following, Smart Match, and improved voice chat features were noted, Xbox Live was panned for not offering the option on-launch to add a real name to user profiles. Despite a regression in local and network multimedia functionality in comparison to Xbox 360 and how OneGuide interacted with outside set-top boxes (drawing comparisons to the operations of TiVo DVRs), Polygon felt the Xbox One's overall multimedia experience "feels like a major step forward in set-top boxes and makes the Xbox One the obvious center of any living room that has one."[232]

Ben Gilbert of Engadget was similarly modest upon its launch, assigning the console a score of 81/100 and describing the Xbox One's design as a "1993 artist's rendering of 2013's technology". Acknowledging that its controller was a mere refinement of the "ubiquit[ous]" Xbox 360 design, he praised the controller for its improved D-pad and quieter triggers but criticized its stiff shoulder buttons. Kinect received positive reviews for its face recognition login and improved motion tracking, but that whilst "magical", "every false positive or unrecognized [voice] command had us reaching for the controller." The overall interface was also considered more intuitive and flexible than that of PlayStation 4, but its game library view was described as being a "jumbled, sadly unfilterable rows of every owned piece of software", that also knowingly listed games that require their disc to run alongside those which did not. The console was also panned for missing certain promised features on-launch, such as Upload Studio, game streaming, and certain apps/services.[233] 041b061a72


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