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How to Use Google Earth for Free: Download and Live Stream Your Favorite Places

Google Earth Free Download Live: How to Explore the World from Your Home

Have you ever wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, or the Grand Canyon without leaving your couch? Well, now you can with Google Earth, a free software that lets you explore the world in 3D from your computer or mobile device. In this article, we will show you what Google Earth is, how to download it for free, and how to use it live to discover new places and learn more about our planet.

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What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe that combines satellite imagery, aerial photography, geographic data, and 3D models to create a realistic representation of the Earth. You can zoom in and out, rotate, tilt, and pan the map to see any location on the planet. You can also access various features that enhance your experience, such as:

Google Earth Features

3D Imagery

Google Earth uses 3D imagery to create a lifelike view of the terrain, buildings, landmarks, and natural features. You can see the shape and texture of mountains, valleys, forests, deserts, oceans, and more. You can also switch between day and night mode to see how the lighting changes.

Street View

Google Earth also integrates Street View, which allows you to see the ground-level perspective of streets, roads, paths, and trails. You can navigate through the streets using your mouse or keyboard, or by clicking on arrows. You can also see 360-degree panoramas of famous places, such as museums, monuments, parks, and stadiums.

Historical Imagery

Google Earth also lets you travel back in time with historical imagery. You can see how places have changed over time by sliding a timeline bar. You can compare different years and seasons, and see how human activity and natural events have affected the landscape.

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Google Earth also offers Voyager, which is a collection of interactive stories and tours curated by experts. You can learn about different topics, such as culture, history, science, nature, and travel. You can also play games, quizzes, and puzzles to test your knowledge and have fun.

Creation Tools

Google Earth also gives you the ability to create your own content using creation tools. You can draw lines, shapes, and placemarks on the map to mark your favorite places or routes. You can also add photos, videos, text, and links to enrich your stories. You can then share your creations with others or save them for later.

How to Download Google Earth for Free?

Google Earth is available for free for different platforms and devices. Here are some ways you can download it:

Google Earth Web

The easiest way to access Google Earth is through your web browser. You just need to go to and start exploring. You don't need to install anything or sign in with your Google account. However, you need a compatible browser that supports WebGL technology, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

Google Earth Mobile

If you want to use Google Earth on your mobile device, you can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app has most of the features of the web version, plus some additional ones such as tilt control Google Earth Pro

If you want to use Google Earth on your desktop computer, you can download Google Earth Pro for free from . Google Earth Pro is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Google Earth Pro has more advanced features than the web and mobile versions, such as:

  • High-resolution printing and saving of images and videos

  • Importing and exporting of GIS data and GPS coordinates

  • Measuring of 3D buildings and terrain

  • Creating of animated movies and tours

  • Accessing of demographic, traffic, and historical data layers

How to Use Google Earth Live?

Once you have downloaded Google Earth, you can start using it live to explore the world. Here are some tips on how to use Google Earth live:

Search for Places

You can search for any place on the planet by typing its name, address, coordinates, or keywords in the search box. You can also use voice search by clicking on the microphone icon. Google Earth will then fly you to the location and show you relevant information, such as photos, facts, and links.

Navigate the Map

You can navigate the map by using your mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. You can zoom in and out by scrolling, pinching, or using the + and - buttons. You can rotate and tilt the map by holding the right mouse button or using the compass icon. You can pan the map by dragging, swiping, or using the arrow keys.

Change the View

You can change the view of the map by clicking on the menu icon and selecting from different options, such as:

  • Satellite: This shows the satellite imagery of the Earth.

  • Map: This shows the map view with labels and borders.

  • Terrain: This shows the elevation and relief of the terrain.

  • Globe: This shows the Earth as a 3D globe.

  • 2D: This shows the Earth as a 2D map.

Measure Distances and Areas

You can measure distances and areas on the map by using the ruler tool. You can access the ruler tool by clicking on the menu icon and selecting Measure distance or Measure area. You can then click on multiple points on the map to draw a line or a shape. You can see the length, perimeter, area, and coordinates of your measurement. You can also change the unit of measurement by clicking on the unit icon.

Share Your Discoveries

You can share your discoveries with others by using the share tool. You can access the share tool by clicking on the menu icon and selecting Share or embed map. You can then choose to copy a link or an HTML code that you can paste in an email, a message, a website, or a social media post. You can also customize your share by changing the view, zoom level, and title of your map.


Google Earth is a free software that lets you explore the world in 3D from your home. You can download it for your web browser, mobile device, or desktop computer. You can use it live to see any place on the planet, access various features, and share your discoveries with others. Google Earth is a great way to learn more about our world and have fun at the same time.


  • What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps?

Google Earth and Google Maps are both products of Google that allow you to see maps and satellite imagery of the world. However, Google Earth has more features than Google Maps, such as 3D imagery, historical imagery, voyager, creation tools, and more. Google Maps is more focused on providing directions, navigation, traffic information, and local businesses.

  • How often is Google Earth updated?

Google Earth is updated regularly with new imagery and data from various sources, such as satellites, airplanes, drones, balloons, and users. However, there is no fixed schedule or frequency for updating Google Earth. The update time may vary depending on the location, resolution, quality, and availability of the imagery and data.

  • How accurate is Google Earth?

Google Earth strives to provide accurate and realistic representations of the world. However, there may be some errors or inaccuracies due to limitations in technology, data sources, processing methods, human factors, or natural changes. Therefore, Google Earth should Therefore, Google Earth should not be used for precise measurements, navigation, or legal purposes. You should always verify the accuracy of the information on Google Earth with other sources.

  • How can I contribute to Google Earth?

You can contribute to Google Earth by providing feedback, reporting problems, adding photos, creatin


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